We have worked with lots of great people over the years. Here is what a few have had to say about New Balloon Homes.

“I’m excited about my new home and just want to thank Chris and his team for doing such and immaculate job. My back was against the wall and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to find a home and Chris gave me a call worked his wonders through the holidays and I really appreciate it, my family really appreciates it…”

“I wanted to thank New Balloon Homes for helping us with the process of going from renting to owning. They made the process very easy.”

“It’s really like a dream come true.”

“We are proud buyers of our new home, thanks to New Balloon Homes.”

“I had the opportunity of meeting Chris Holder and he made a dream come true for my family and I. We are now proud owners of a home.”

“It was easy, fast, and a pleasure working with New Balloon Homes and I’m excited to be in my new home and new hope and new future on the way.”

“Just got the keys to our new house and this process has been really easy. Working with Chris has been phenomenal. We walked in the front door and it just felt like home.”

“It was always our dream to have a home and this opportunity after 16 years of renting with our family. Truly, it’s a dream for us, to this moment we still can’t believe it. The whole process was so easy.”

“…we are actually moving into our new house today. And we are going to do Rent to Own, and in within two years, probably less, we will be owning this home.”

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