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If you’re thinking about selling

You’ll be happy to know that we buy houses in any condition or situation. At New Balloon Homes we’re not real estate agents so we don’t want to list your house in the hope that a buyer shows up. We’re actually the ones buying your house. What that means to you is a GUARANTEED sale and more money in your pocket. Best of all, there are absolutely NO COMMISSIONS and NO CLOSING COSTS when you sell your house to us directly.

What that also means to you is that you avoid disrupting your life with showings to strangers, inconvenient and ineffective open houses, and ruined weekends.

Let’s remember that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to get a house ready to sell. When you sell your house to New Balloon Homes you don’t have to worry about decluttering, cleaning, staging, doing repairs and making updates, or any of the other many tasks to get your house market ready.

You’ll have complete certainty and peace of mind by selling your house to New Balloon Homes, especially if you’re facing any of these situations:

  • Little or No Equity?
  • Behind on Payments?
  • Facing Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?
  • Own Unwanted Rental Property?
  • Do you have Nightmare Tenants?
  • Inherited Unwanted Property?
  • Relocating or New Job?
  • Two House Payments?
  • Want to Avoid Paying Excessive Realtor Commissions?

Regardless of why you need to sell your house, we can HELP! We’ll help you take control of your situation and get back to living your life on your OWN terms. We believe that you deserve to know all the options available to you right now. Complete the Quick Form below and we’ll get back to you Within 24 Hours.

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