Seller Testimonials

New Balloon Homes lives up to their reputation. I walked away with $30K more than I was anticipating by selling my house to them. Shae and her team rock!

I fell behind on my mortgage payments. New Balloon Homes came out of nowhere and answered my prayers. They were so nice and helpful, and they caught up my mortgage payment. I hope you are never in this situation, but if you are, I highly recommend reaching out to Shae and Chris.

John R.

Easy Process, Great Price, Awesome People! You won’t be disappointed!

Amy W.

They just bought my third house. I used to be a landlord but now that I’m retired, I prefer to spend my time down at the shore instead of dealing with the headaches that come with tenants. However, I wasn’t willing to give my properties away. This was the perfect win-win solution.

Karly T.

I tried selling my house on my own because I couldn’t afford to pay realtor commissions. After six frustrating months I decided to give New Balloon Homes a chance and it was the best decision I could have made! Shae visited my home early on a Saturday morning and we finalized everything the following Tuesday. I couldn’t be happier!

Chris P.

They were wonderful! We were moving to Florida and only had 2 months notice…..Job Relocation…. You know how that goes. We worked out a deal 24 hours after our first phone call with New Balloon Homes and everything was SO easy. You will love working with Shae and her team.

Suzanne B.

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