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We’ll take care of everything so you can
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  • Avoid the hassles and uncertainty of listing your house
  • Sell your house for the most money
  • No costly, time consuming renovations or repairs needed
  • Save the 6% commissions because we’re not real estate agents
  • Skip the inconvenient showings and open-houses
  • We’ll pay all your closing costs

What our clients have to say about us

Evelyn & Modele owned a house in Sharon Hill, PA that they wanted to sell. The problem was that they live in Upstate New York and the thought of selling from out of state made them feel anxious. But that all changed when they decided to sell their house to New Balloon Homes. Watch the video and discover how we helped them feel a sense of security and stability, and sell their house for more money than they thought possible!

Evelyn & Modele C. - Port Ewing, NY

When Jim and his wife listed their house for sale, the biggest problem they faced was that buyers were underbidding. And even though they had listed the house with a real estate agent, they still couldn’t get it sold. Until we helped them avoid the hassles and uncertainty by buying their house from them. Press play to find out why Jim would give us 10 stars if he could!

James B. - Doylestown, PA

This was the second house that Bob sold to us. Watch the video now to discover the problems he faced with dishonest real estate agents and how those experiences made him feel like giving up. He also explains why he chose to sell his house to us and how much more money he made by doing so.

Bob H. - Allentown, PA

How to sell your house to us in 3 easy, time-saving steps

Step 1: Tell us about the house

Answer 7 quick questions and get a
no-obligation offer over the phone.

Step 2: Schedule the walkthrough

Invite us to see the house only if you like our offer.

Step 3: Sell stress-free for the most money

We’ll handle everything for you and close when you’re ready.

Why sell your house to us

Selling with a real estate agent

  • Stressful, uncertain and overwhelming
  • Commissions and fees will set you back 6% or more
  • You have no control over the sales process
    • When will your house sell?
    • What if you don’t get the price you want?
    • What if an offer falls through?
  • Costly and time consuming repairs and updates if your house is not in pristine condition
  • No guarantee that your house will sell when you need it to or for the price you want
    • No accountability for the real estate agent if they fail to sell your house

Selling your house to New Balloon Homes

  • Simple, predictable, and hassle-free
  • Zero Fees!
  • Our process is simple, transparent and gives you control
    • We tell you what we’ll pay for your house on the phone before seeing it
    • We guarantee our offer in writing
    • You only invite us to see your house if you approve our offer
  • We’ll buy your house as-is and save you thousands on repairs, updates, and cleanup.
  • $5K SureSell guarantee gives you the confidence that you’ll get your house sold
    • We’ll buy your house for the price we agree to on the phone or pay you $5,000 if we don’t deliver